WINDOWLOCK® is recognized as a world leader in glass protection systems for commercial buildings. WINDOWLOCK® is patented tested and approved for hurricane and glass protection. Protecting major corporations and government facilities all over the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

WINDOWLOCK® is one of the most tested and trusted names in controlled glass failure. WINDOWLOCK® has been designed to hold broken glass in place keeping a building sealed from outside hazzards.

       When glass breaks it presents two major threats. Flying shards of glass can produce lethal projectiles causing severe harm to people. In addition, window openings that have been breached leave buildings unsealed and open to weather, theft, unwanted entry, asset damage, and operational shutdown.
Film alone is not the answer! Generally solar and security films are applied to a window and cut along the edge of the frame leaving an unprotected gap between the film and the frame. Commonly referred to as "daylight" installation, this will provide only some protection by keeping the glass fragments together in one piece.
However under even minimal pressure the filmed glass panel can fail along this "daylight" opening and break away from the frame leaving the building and occupants vulnerable to outside elements. In some circumstances, the filmed glass panel itself can become a large projectile. Also some small glass pieces or projectiles still can cause injury to people when the glass breaks.

Even local and national news stations are saying that WINDOWLOCK® is one of the best ways to protect your existing windows against Hurricane, Windstorm, and Smash-N-Grab related Damage. Click on the Video to the left to start the video playing. You may also click on the picture at the top to bring you to our news video page. Where you can see the many stories filmed about WINDOWLOCK® around the country.

The WINDOWLOCK® system is the application of a heavy gauge window film to a building's existing glass. The filmed glass panel is then anchored to the existing window frame bridging the daylight gap to form a nearly impenetrable barrier, resulting in Hurricane protection that is approved to protect your building if a Hurricane should strike. In the event the glass does break the WINDOWLOCK® System holds the fragments in place within the frame reducing the likelihood of injury and keeping the building sealed to prevent unwanted entry and damage from the elements.
Hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes are just a few of the many types of natural disasters that can threaten the safety of your building. Events as common as everyday thunderstorms can have a devastating effect on windows and glass. WINDOWLOCK ® safety window film is one of the most affordable, effective and attractive approaches to increased storm protection - less obtrusive than visually overpowering metal shutters. And, forget about having to tape or board your windows in preparation for rough weather or other acts of nature. With WINDOWLOCK ® you have practically invisible 24-hour protection, 365 days a year.


The WINDOWLOCK® system is a high-strength, optically clear, polyester laminate secured to the inside of your glass with our exclusive WINDOWLOCK® Anchored-Film process. The WINDOWLOCK® system reduces the possibility of break-ins or flying glass due to impact or high winds.
The WINDOWLOCK® system also offers you ultra-violet light protection saving money on your company's electric bill.
The WINDOWLOCK® system, a security Lock-Laminate gives you protection against break-ins, burglary, hurricanes, and windstorms.

What makes life more enjoyable to all of us while indoors is sunlight and openness. These amenities are provided to us through the large windows at our workplace and public buildings.
Today glass building are a major part of architecture and have the ability to keep people comfortable while indoors. But glass can prove to be as big of a threat as it can be beautiful in certain deviating situations. Acts of terrorism, hurricanes, tornadoes, and smash and grab all can turn windows into flying shards of sharp glass. These shards of glass can prove to be dangerous to people and property. In addition, windows that have been breached leave buildings and business vulnerable to major damage.

WINDOWLOCK® - Windstorm & Hurricane Protection
According to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, winds over 50 miles per hour are most likely to cause window damage to buildings - rocks, outdoor furniture, landscaping and other forms of debris will all eventually become airborne. Hurricane Engineering & Testing Inc. performed a series of missile impact and cyclic pressure testing to simulate heavy wind load and wind-borne debris caused by storms, to our window film. WINDOWLOCK ® passed the tests, meeting some of the most stringent building codes in the industry. So you can truly call our film safety film. Where others are just film.
WINDOWLOCK ® - Earthquake Protection
Over 14,000 earthquakes of sizable force have rocked the United States over the past 100 years. The twisting or "racking" of buildings during an earthquake creates tremendous stress and compression, imploding unprotected glass windows and doors - sending harmful shards of glass into your environment. WINDOWLOCK ® offers seismic protection, reducing the possibility of injury by helping to hold shards in place. Glass protection is what we do, and it is all we do.
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